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                About Us

                JSJ Silica Material Co., Ltd is established since2003 as professional supplier of Oral Grade, Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade Precipitated Silica, in Zhaoqin,Guangdong. The Precipitated Silica produced are highly recognized in the marketand broadly used in Toothpaste, Food, Drug, Battery PE Film, and Detergent.

                JSJ Silica Material Co., Ltd has 1 Innovation Center and 2 Plants (Zhaoqin of Guangzhou, andLianyungang of Jiangsu). Zhaoqin Plant is established with 3 advancedproduction lines with automated production and packing instruments, achieving annualproduction capacity of 60,000 tons. Lianyungang Plant is expected to be builtas one of the biggest Precipitated Silica supplier scale of toothpaste andbattery PE film in Asia.

                To Lead with Innovation, Serve with HighQuality, JSJSilica Material Co., Ltd establisheda passionate and creative R&D Center. The R&D Center focuses ondeveloping and customizing precipitated silica with special performance needs,which are widely used in industry. So far, R&D center completed 4 Technology Innovation Programs fromGuangdong Province, 20 EnterpriseInitiated Projects.

                Today, JSJ SilicaMaterial Co., Ltd developed 3 full products series, including Normal SiO2,Colorful Abrasive Particles, and Encapsulated Particles with Actives. The KeyTypes of SiO2 in Oral Care are: Abrasive Type (MT, MI, MIC, MIG), ThickeningType: (ZI & H), Core-Shell Type, Encapsulated Particles and CustomizedType. The Series of SiO2 Products already been selected and used in Global Top500 companies, e.g. P&G, Colgate, Darlie, Yunnanbaiyao companies. JSJSilica Material Business is increasing 20% every year.

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